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Skip Beat live action

 Sunday, February 26, 2012

Long time no see, my friends. I really have no excuses for how long it's been since my last post except for my own laziness. Still, I hope you'll keep reading my posts and not hold it against me.

Real life has been so busy that I didn't have time to watch anything recently. However, the moment I heard Skip Beat, my most favourite manga of all times, has been turned into a live action, I couldn't simply let it go. How could I not find time for such a marvelous little drama?

I find it hard to believe that someone might not have at least heard of this manga, especially since it's already been made into a very awesome anime as well. Yet, for those of you who haven't heard about it, here's a little summary of the story:

Kyoko Mogami has moved from Kyoto to Tokyo with only one goal in mind - supporting her boyfriend, Fuwa Shoutaro, in realizing his dream of becoming a top singer. But now that Sho has made his dream come true, he hardly pays any attention to her, even though Kyoko works four part-time jobs in order to pay the rent to their super expensive apartment. Only when Kyoko manages to enter his studio does she finds out, by accidentally eavesdropping on Shou talking to his manager, that all this time he has only considered her his maid. Furious, Kyoko confronts him, but Sho is only amused by the situation. Mockingly he tells her that the only way she could ever get close to him from then on would be by entering the showbiz industry. Kyoko accepts the challenge and, thus, begins her journey to becoming a famous star.

Since this is a taiwanese live action, it's no surprise that the names have been changed. Kyoko became Gong Xi, Shou - Shang, Ren -  Lian and so on. To be honest, I imagined a whole different cast, but I was pleasantly surprised by Ivy Chen's acting. She is the most adorable actress I've ever seen! As for Choi Si Won, his face is flawless, I must admit, but, so far, his acting hasn't convinced me much. Is it the language barrier, I wonder? After all, he only lip-syncs and much of the acting is lost in the process I suppose. It's tough to really look at him when the image of the mouth moving completely differently form the sounds distracts you ll the time. The same goes for Donghae, another Super Junior handsome member, who plays the role of Shang. Although I must admit I consider him a little more expressive than Choi Si Won. The person I really liked was Bianca Bai, who acts flawlessly as Gong Xi's best friend. All in all, a surprising, but very nice cast.

Personal opinion:
As I said, skip Beat is my most favourite manga. There is no way anything would surpass it in my mind. As a result, I very much enjoyed this live action that follows the manga story almost to the T. Of course, I still think the manga is better, obviously, but I am 100 % sure that any Skip Beat fan will enjoy it. As for non-Skip Beat readers, I still think the cute characters and funny situations, but especially strong message of this story, which is GIRL POWER, will definitely reach your heart.
I really recommend this girly comedy to all girls out there who are fighting for their dreams and even to boys, as long as they can handle utter cuteness :D


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